Referral Program

We take pride in our database, in growing it and keeping it up to date with proven executive level professionals. We have created our Referral Program to generate new relationships of professionals that we may not have been introduced to as of yet, and in the process reward their friends who referred them to us. Here are the 5 W’s of our Referral Program:

Who: If a candidate you refer is successfully placed within a year of résumé submission, you will receive a check as a token of our gratitude. This one-year period is known as the Referral Period.

What: The candidate must remain employed at the hiring casino during our Guarantee Period. This period is typically 120 days, but is flexible and up to the discretion of the hiring casino and

Where: The referred candidate is eligible anywhere in the world where gaming is legal.

When: After the Guarantee Period you will receive a check. The amount is 10% of what collects, and a Form 1099 will be mailed out after the end of that calendar year.

Why: We know networking is at the heart of the industry, and appreciate all the referrals we receive. Our referral gratuity was established to thank you, and encourage future referrals of top quality candidates.

Commonly Asked Questions:

Q: How will I know that you are keeping accurate records?

A: We value our reputation and will be totally honest. There may come a time when a resume is submitted that we already have on our database. If so, we will let the referring person, and/or candidate know that this is the case, so that everyone will be in the loop.

Q: Can I refer myself?

A: Referring yourself is part of applying for a position. You will not receive the 10% Referral Gratuity, but your reward will come in the form of a new, challenging job opportunity offered through and our clients.

Q: What if the candidate I refer is still in negotiations with a client as the one-year referral period approaches?

A: We are looking out for everyone’s best interest and in such cases will extend the Referral period.

It's This Easy:

1. Tell a friend about

2. Have them submit their resume to us.

3. Remind them to mention your referral.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions
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Interviewing Tips

  • Conduct in-depth research on the company.
  • Keep thank you emails formal.
  • Triple-check your resume for typos.
  • Include contact information and email on resume.